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Practicing speaking is one in every of the most fun and rewarding elements of learning English. Once you’ll speak even a bit English, there are various ways that to boost your skills quickly whereas having heaps of fun. Here are 10 top tips for up your spoken English and having an excellent time while you are doing it!

Speak, speak, speak!

Be confident and speak as usually as possible to as many people as you most likely can! don’t be shy to form mistakes! The additional you practice the better and more confident you’ll become in your pronunciation and vocabulary. Remember, speaking could be a ability like learning a device or new sport – the only approach you’ll be able to get sensible is to really do it!

Use technology

A smartphone is a strong tool for learning languages. Use it to record yourself speaking then listen back to work out however your English sounds to people. create the most of all of your favorite productivity apps to arrange your practice time and create a note of all the new words you learn.


Listen to news bulletins and songs in English to listening to the pronunciation of words. you’ll additionally learn new words and expressions this way. The a lot of you listen, the a lot of you learn! try repeating what you hear to practice your pronunciation and learn that words during a sentence are stressed.

Read out loud

Read the newspaper or a magazine intent on yourself. you could even realize a script for your favorite TV program and act it out! this can be nice|an excellent|a good} way to apply pronunciation because you only have to concentrate on|focus on|target} ensuring your English sounds great and don’t have to worry about sentence structure or synchronic linguistics.

Learn a new word every day

Choose a word you’d prefer to work on and use observe it in different sentences. Use the word till you’ve got learnt it and keep using it regularly.

Watch films

Watch movies in English and listen to new vocabulary and pronunciation. Imitate the actors and have a good time with it.

Make friends

Make friends with English speakers or another’s learning to spoken English and compare notes. discuss things that you simply have learnt and exchange ideas.

Do interesting activities in English

Take a cookery course in English or be a part of a book club! something you get pleasure from doing, ensure you are doing it and communicate it in English. using English to speak about things you enjoy can create active a positive experience.

Have a debate

Debate all the subject that interest you with friends in English. try and use the maximum amount vocabulary as you’ll be able to to get your purpose across and listen to the opposite arguments carefully therefore you’ll argue against them effectively.

Use a lexicon

Online dictionaries usually have audio examples therefore will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} check your pronunciation and there are many nice lexicon apps that you simply can take everyplace with you on your smartphone. ensure to not become too dependent on these tools, though. Have a go at speech communication the words initial then check afterwards to determine if you were right!

So, with of these observe tips to settle on from, that one are you visiting strive first?

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